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Just check out the features to our follow-up responders! Can you find a better deal?

We Don't Think So!

Up To 40 Auto-responders Per Account!

Your auto-responders can be triggered by a blank e-mail sent to your auto-responder address or from a form placed on your web site (the system will generate the form for you).

Autoresponder System will allow you to send more than fifty different messages of unlimited size. The first message is sent immediately, then you specify when the additional messages go out. Is that awesome or what?

Your messages can be personalized with [FIRSTNAME], [LASTNAME], [EMAIL] and [DATE]. You can also use any of the 10 Custom Fields or get answers to demographic questions. Personalization allowed both in the subject line, and in the body of your message.

Use plain text or HTML messages.

Removal links automatically placed at the bottom of every out going message so that folks can unsubscribe themselves without bothering you at any time. System includes a link for AOL members too!

Your password can automatically be e-mailed to you by the system at any time - just in case you forget.

From your Control Panel you can:

bullet.gif Copy and paste your pre written messages to the system ...or even just type in the text for each of the fifty plus messages that are allowed. Editing your messages is simple!

bullet.gif You can send test messages to yourself to make sure that they are formatted correctly. One Click and all your messages are sent to you at once. Why Not ORDER your Pro System Right NOW?

bullet.gif Set Up Master Letters That Your Sales Team or Downline Can Easily Copy To Their Responders!

bullet.gif Online Message Manager automatically wraps all text at 65 characters per line.

bullet.gif Add Subscribers to your database manually. (just make sure you have their permission!)

bullet.gif Delete prospects from your database manually.

bullet.gif In your Control Panel, you can review your auto-responder set-up, view your subscriber list, or get Form Code to add to your web pages. These email capture forms are excellent for acquiring your visitors name and email address. And for collecting demographics data! ORDER NOW!

bullet.gif Import Lists into your auto-responder database (our Admin must do this for you, and it is limited - no purchased leads please). This function is available to our Pro account holders only.

bullet.gif When you import your list the first message your responder is sent to all the imported e-mail addresses immediately and the names and e-mail addresses are then added to your follow-up file. Or you can import your list and archive them into your Database only.

bullet.gif Pro accounts can also send email to their entire subscriber list. This function will allow you to send an e-mail to all of your subscribers without adding them to any follow-ups. This is treated as a one time mailing only and will not affect your auto follow-up messages at all.

Backup feature

Search your database

Remind-me Service (for those important dates)

Configure Your Auto-responder

  • Collect demographic info or special questions
  • Tracking functions to check the results of your ads
  • Custom personalization tags
  • Set-up your e-mail footer
  • Specify redirect link for sign up forms
  • Enter reject e-mail addresses (blacklist whole domains if you want to)

Subscribers Report on your responder

  • # of Subscribers in the last 24 Hours!
  • # of Subscribers in the last 7 days!
  • Current Total Number of Archived Customers!
  • Current Total Number of un-subscribes!
  • Current Number & List of Bounced Email (hard bounces are removed for you)
  • Current Total Number of Active Customers (still receiving followups)

Many more features in the works!

If you would like to earn recurring commissions on 10 levels of affiliates click on the affiliate link in the left hand column. Get your Pro account for FREE as a member of our team! (there is a monthly membership fee of $19.95 which includes a LOT of other tools and info products)

If You Are Not Following Up - You Are Missing Out

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